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If you are diagnosed with asthma in today’s world of modern medicine, you are most likely prescribed an inhaler and you will depend on the medication inside it for the remainder of your life. Being forced to inhale large doses of corticosteroids, antihistamines, or biologics at a moments notice is the opposite of a proactive treatment plan for asthma and we will explore a variety of natural treatment plans before recommending an inhaler.  

Functional medicine combats the root causes of common chronic conditions like asthma and we go beyond chasing your symptoms with treatment. We give asthma patients the opportunity to find a natural way to treat their condition, reduce their symptoms, and possibly liberate them from their dependence on harsh medications.

Asthma may feel like you are having difficulty breathing because your airways (lungs and esophagus) feel tight or restricted. Shortness of breath may accompany these symptoms and range from mild to severe when triggered. When symptoms are at their worse, this is called an asthma attack and you should see a doctor once your breathing is under control. Exposure to various external and internal irritants can trigger the signs and symptoms of asthma.