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A Revolutionary way to reverse Type 2 Diabetes within 3 months

Discover a highly tailored 5 step system that will help you lower your elevated A1c and glucose levels effectively, without the guesswork in treatment, nutrition and exercize plans… Even if you’ve tried the endless hours of cardio, numerous diets and medications. 


The Papertrailit Genomic Blueprint™

This intensive 16-week program, which goes through 5 significant phases, consists of educational masterclasses, thorough Functional Medicine analysis, tailored mealplans, nutraceutical support,  accountability 1-on-1 sessions etc. All provided through cutting edge technology for your best experience. We’re passionate about practicing the most up-to-date, high-quality medicine you’ll find anywhere. We think about your health comprehensively and take the time to hear your concerns and treat you as a person, not a diagnosis.