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A Revolutionary way to reverse Type 2 Diabetes within 3 months

Discover a highly tailored 5 step system that will help you lower your elevated A1c and glucose levels effectively, without the guesswork in treatment, nutrition and exercize plans… Even if you’ve tried the endless hours of cardio, numerous diets and medications. 

Functional Medicine

Reversing CardioMetabolic Disorder, One Day At A Time...

Functional Medicine
Reversing CardioMetabolic Disorder by Treating the Rootcause

Functional medicine determines how and why your CardioMetabolic Disorder occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes (metabolic dysfunction) of CMS for each individual. By doing so, we also restore other frequent accompanying metabolic factors such as Hypercholesterolemia, Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension
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Our Promise To You

Dr. Nortey wants to give you your life back by offering outstanding, coordinated clinical care, innovative digital technology, and the highest level of health services.

Quality of life is at the center of her mission, and all her efforts go towards improvng it as much as possible. It is not just about managing symptoms, but about offering the chance to live life to the fullest.

All her medical expertise goes into solving the underlying causes of elevated blood sugars throught the lense of Functional Medicine. And with more than 10 years of experience in the Diabetes / CardioMetabolic field, Dr. Nortey will help you too reverse your Type 2 Diabetes.

What the patients say

When I met Dr.Nortey, I had chronic eczema that just did not want to go away, i had tried many creams, but unfortunately nothing helped. After following the protocol and regimen for my condition, my skin disorder completely disappeared! And i also feel very energised now. Super thankful, your expertise is top-notch!


When I first visited Dr.Nortey, I was feeling very down with my cardio metabolic syndrome. However after following her personalised protocol and regimen after 4 weeks, my BP went down, sugar levels got better and overall energy came back! Thank you so much! Ow and sleep much better too now, thank you!


It was very nice to meet a clinician that actually takes the times to explain my metabolic disorder. I have tried many things in the past but after following Dr.Nortey’s protocol and regimen specially designed for me, i was able to reverse my Diabetes! And i am super grateful! I love the care and the expertise, very refreshing!

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Choose Functional Medicine, Choose The Best Care For Yourself